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Tipsy Shakespeare: Taming of the Shrew

Live auditions will be January 25 at 6:30 pm. Self tapes are also accepted.

Sign up for live auditions here

Seeking: 6 performers from the West Michigan area to play multiple characters in a condensed version of Taming of the Shrew. Performers must be 21+ to participate in the added “game” during the production. While the "game" does include drinking, performers who do not drink are still welcome to audition. 


Travel stipend available for those outside of the Holland/Zeeland area.


This production will be gender bent. We actively encourage BIPOC and trans/non binary performers to audition.

For live auditions, sides will be available at the audition. You are also welcome to prepare 10-15 lines of text (the character does not need to be the same gender as your own). 


For self tapes, please submit a short comedic Shakespearean monologue and submit to

Rehearsals will be hybrid and held after standard business hours.

Performances are February 23-26 and March 2-5.

Please email with any questions.

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