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Fat Pig 

by Neil LaBute


4 performers

Regional to West Michigan

Self Tapes due Wednesday, January 31

** See below for director note, play, and character descriptions. **

Auditions are Self-tape only 

 1. Follow guidelines in the document below to submit. 

 2. Also answer questions in the intimacy questionnaire below. 

3. Audition sides are linked near character descriptions below. 


will be hybrid (in person and virtual) and held after standard business hours,

beginning February 12th, 2024.


March 14 - 24 (Thursday - Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 2pm), 2024

with a possible extension the following week March 28-30.


Travel stipend available for those outside of the Holland/Zeeland area.

We actively encourage BIPOC and trans/non binary performers to audition.


       Neil LaBute’s FAT PIG explores anti-fat bias, weight stigma and fatphobia through a romantic relationship between a small-bodied person and a large-bodied person. There is bigoted language and themes throughout the play.  Please see our intimacy questionnaire to consider moments in the script that may or may not fall within your boundaries.


Caitlin Hart :

       Thank you for your interest in auditioning for FAT PIG! Before
we delve into the audition process, I want to set tone for the production. I am a fat
person working to dismantle weight stigma and want to emphasize that I do not
subscribe to diet culture or equate health with being small-bodied. My direction for this
play will be guided by a lens of inclusivity and body trust. I am mental health first aid
certified and trauma-informed. Additionally, I hold a certification as an intimacy
professional. Your well-being is a priority, and I am committed to fostering a rehearsal
atmosphere where the cast can thrive both artistically and personally while telling this
emotionally challenging story.


Tom (age 25-45; any ethnicty/male presenting) Tom is the protagonist of the play, a
young and successful businessman. He is charming, confident, and career-driven. As
Tom falls in love with Helen, he is forced to confront his own as well as society’s anti-fat
bias. He must choos
e between living authentically and fitting in.

Audition sides - 

Helen (age 25-45; any ethnicty/female presenting) Helen is a beautiful, fun-loving,
earnest, and quick-witted librarian. She is described by the playwright as being ‘very
plus-sized’. Helen is confident and unapologetic about being fat, which challenges
societal norms and influences the dynamics of her romantic relationship with Tom.

Audition sides - 

Carter (age 25-45; any ethnicty/male presenting) Carter is Tom's friend and coworker.
He loudly voices his disdain for fatness and gives frat boy energy. He doesn’t want
Carter to date a fat woman.

Audition sides - 

Jeannie (age 25-45; any ethnicty/female presenting) Jeannie is a coworker of Tom's
and one-time romantic interest. She is small-bodied, assertive, smart and can b
e cruel.

Audition sides - 

Please email with any questions.

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