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Who We Are

Founded by University of Michigan Musical Theatre student Jamie Colburn, Exit Left Theatre Company is a professional theatre based in Holland, MI. It is our belief that the theatre is a perfect place to educate and to begin a dialogue, both on and off the stage, which is why starting conversations is one of our main focuses here at ELTC. We are excited to be in Holland to foster open discussions about topics challenging our community. We hope to do this while creating a safe and inclusive environment for people of all races, sexualities, and political ideologies through high quality entertainment.

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We at Exit Left Theatre Company are constantly looking for new and different ways to entertain our audiences. The city of Holland is currently in the process of rebranding through new welcome signs, a renovated civic center, and a brand new power plant. With the innovation occurring in our cities structural image, we desire to bring innovation to Holland's art community as well. By choosing shows new to the city of Holland and by presenting theatre through nontraditional staging, we hope to provide a unique theatre experience for every audience member. With each show we produce, Exit Left Theatre Company hopes to surprise even the most seasoned theatre goer. 


Exit Left Theatre Company is  committed to building a strong connection with those in the Holland community. We strive to represent the incredibly diverse population that is the foundation for the complex culture of Holland. Through acting, designing, and administrative positions, our company thrives on the involvement of our community. Theatre provides means to bring a group of people together, which is why we at Exit Left Theatre Company believe our productions can strengthen what is already an incredible community.



In order to create the most complete experience for our audience, we at Exit Left Theatre Company wish to provide the most immersive theatre experience possible. Through the work of our actors and design team, we hope to transport our audience into completely new territories, allowing them to experience situations they might not have in their every day lives. This will hopefully create a space that broadens horizons and allows a person to reflect on their own life. 


We at Exit Left Theatre Company work to create a safe environment to cultivate open and honest communication. Providing a space where people can think and begin dialogues is of the utmost importance to us. The shows that we produce are meant to be thought-provoking and our hope is that our productions are a catalyst for productive conversations in the Holland community. All of us at Exit Left Theatre Company are excited to help fortify a community that listens and converses with people from all walks of life. 

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Our Team




Mary Jo Gray

Managing Director


Education and Community Outreach


Marketing Associate

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